I’m a poet, or so I think …..
I don’t wanna be any more. What a bore
I don’t wanna stare at ceilings or floors
Coming up with crazy ideas that definitely shock normal mortals
Or talking to fauna and flora asking them plethora of questions
Or listening to shadows play while singing with silhouettes
I’m tired of using my fingers as a flute and watching her pirouette
To my tuning, or when every word from my mouth takes her to heaven
When she knows I’m her haven, my words her tavern my arms her Eden

I don’t wanna spend my life doing duets or descriptive vignettes as the artist draws
With brunettes in tow, wanting to draw from my well of opinionated reality
When I have to use a thousand and million words to say I hate society
And really have to convince them that something isn’t right
That they have to stand up and fight for their rights
From a government all too happy with flair to flex muscles and might morning to night,
Just so a civilian is scared to dare ask for their fair share of the national cake
So that they watch the rich bake and they take their lives to them to help them make dynasties
I’m sick of speaking when you seem not to listen, because you think I’m just teasing

I’m tired of talking about Christianity and religion
The moral decay in our region as legions troupe to the streets,
Minions of civilization, modernity and tradition defending something they can’t make a stand on
Watching leaders get a turn on from their subjects being trumped on
And women thumping chests as if they do the pumping at night
Demanding to man be equal yet during conjugal speaking it terms so un-colloquial
I’m sick of men mistreating women as if they got no willy down south
When their mouths open, they speak as if all that’s between their ears is a drum
More sick I am of men who act sissy, going all so feely as if they can’t let women be

So you see, I don’t wanna be
The one talking about education that’s such a waste
It got my life tasteless and millions of lives directionless
I don’t wanna be telling me that all this will be okay
I should keep up the fight till it be
I don’t wanna be a poet anymore
I wanna be THE POET and much more
Because you need more poets, societal conscience
I just wanna be THE ONE POET